Things to Keep in Mind About Green Tattoo Soap

There is a wide variety of soap available in the market. All soap manufacturing companies claim to use natural components that are beneficial for the skin. However, they use chemicals that are injurious and harm the surface rather than being helpful, in reality. Soap being an article of daily use has more potential of causing skin problems due to the presence of high quantities of toxic material in them. Thus, there is a necessity for a safer alternative to this kind of soap.

What is Green soap?

Green soap is an environment-friendly, bio-degradable soap that contains natural ingredients. It is water soluble and has a glycerin and vegetable oil base. It gets its name from the green tint that is characteristic of this variety of soap.

Soap Manufacturing and Relevance for Tattoo Making

Most tattoo artists use green soap while making a tattoo for their customers and recommend the same for the aftercare period.  Tattoo artists prepare a solution of water and green soap in the ratio of one to five, respectively, which is known as tincture green soap.

Availability of Green Soap

Green soap is not readily available in all places. Thus, there are custom soap manufacturing units that produce this variety of soap. Green soap is available in select medical pharmacies and chemist outlets. Customers can also purchase it through the official websites of the companies that deal with the production of green soap.

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