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More Amazing Facts About Bronx Soap

Two months ago, we made a blog by the name of “Interesting Facts About Soap”. However, it couldn’t cover everything from this long list. Here are some additional fun facts about Bronx Soap.

It is Impossible to Make Soap Without Lye

Soap is basically saponified oils which use lye such as sodium hydroxide. If a manufacturer ignores lye, their products will not be considered as real soap. It is possible to remove the lye from the final product. Any Bronx soap manufacturer can use a digital scale for that task.

Are All Soaps Real?

As weird as it sounds, most soaps on the market are fake. They resemble detergents. Upon use, they will remove all natural oils from the skin which has negative health effects. Real, natural oils do not do this. They clean and moisturize at the same time. Sadly, most products on the market resemble specific chemicals – the ones which are good enough to clean, but nothing else. Such products often use artificial ingredients which can cause health hazards and contain carcinogenic materials.

Cosco Soaps’ warewash chemicals are nothing like that. They offer cleaning strength without removing the typical health benefits.

Bronx soap manufacturer, Bronx soap, Warewash chemicals

More Awesome Short Facts

  • Soap isn’t a common product only for homes, hotels, or restaurants. The textile industry uses it for different tasks as well
  • Soap turns insoluble objects such as bacteria or dirt to become soluble. The water removes them in no time
  • The word soap originates from the Latin word “Sapo”. It is a mountain close to Rome.
  • Mass production of soap began centuries ago. Around the year 1475 in France, and as early as 1200 across the Middle East
  • In the past, soap wasn’t popular as a cleaning material, but as something to heal dry skin. Another use was to dye hair. Cosco’s Green Soap is the perfect example. As the best Bronx soap, it can improve the user’s health and clean small bacteria and dirt with ease
  • The most expensive soap in the world comes from Lebanon. A Qatari family business infuses the soap with gold and diamond powder; making it affordable to only the richest people in the country
  • A German chemist by the name of Justus von Liebig stated the use of soap is can accurately measure the wealth and development of any civilization. Apparently, the purer the soap, the stronger the country will be!
  • It is hard to calculate precisely, as many businesses work in the gray sector, but agencies speculate the world production of soap could be as high as 10 billion lb. every year. What’s more interesting is the USA creates and uses around one-third of that


Cosco Soap is the Best Bronx Soap Manufacturer

Cosco Soap has been an industry leader since 1966. We can offer you the best Bronx soap at affordable prices. Our products include the amazing Cosco Green Soap, Tincture Green Soap, Castile Soap, Warewash Chemicals, Laundry Detergents, and more. If you have any questions, contact us here, and we will answer as soon as we can. Browse around our amazing blog if you want to learn more fun facts about cleaning materials or industry news.


cosco green soap, soap manufacturing, tincture green soap

Custom Soap Manufacturing – Kettle Process

Soap is an essential product in our everyday lives. If we dissolve it in water, it will begin removing dirt and dust from the surface of our skin. Cleaning is not the only use. Soap can also cure some types of infections, heal the skin, dye hair, and much more. Production has developed over the years, and nowadays, we even use soap as a perfume. Our blog will focus on that. Soap Manufacturing is an old process still improving today. We will discuss a few different processes and their benefits. If you want to learn more interesting facts about soap manufacturing, check out our blog.

The materials must include two key ingredients:

  • An alkali such as sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide
  • Fats from vegetables such as olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and others. Centuries ago, producers were using animal fats instead

It is possible to add other, smaller ingredients in order to alter the color, scent, cleaning properties, and texture of the soap. Two great examples of natural and clean products include Cosco Green Soap and Tincture Green Soap.

Soap Manufacturing – Kettle Process

cosco green soap, soap manufacturing, tincture green soap

While every producer has something unique to add on the table, there are basically two methods of soap manufacturing: the Kettle and Continuous Process. Today, we will focus on the former.

Kettle Process. While some people do prefer it, it is somewhat unpredictable. Producers have to use different oils and that could make the process chaotic. The soap could be ready in a few as four days, but it is possible to wait as long as two weeks. By melting and boiling fats and alkali in a large kettle, manufacturers can produce thousands of pounds of hard mass. Other than the soap, they end up creating another byproduct – glycerin. You can read more about it here. To separate the soap and glycerin, some salt is essential. The chemical reaction will make the glycerin stand at the bottom of the kettle which is easy to extract. Some fats fail to turn into soap, so it is important to add a strong caustic solution and boil them again. It is not necessary to add salt one more time though that could prove useful in specific circumstances. As soon as that is ready, producers add water and boil everything. The result is simple – two separate layers will appear. The top one is mostly soap with some water, and that is the product we need. The bottom one is mostly water and dirt.

Cosco Soap is a true industry leader since 1966. When it comes to custom soap manufacturing, we can offer unique products for personal care, kitchen cleaning, laundry, and more. They include Cosco Green Soap, Tincture Green Soap, Castile Soap, Tattoo Soap, and others.

Interesting Facts About Soap, soap manufacturing

Interesting Facts About Soap

Soap has gone a long way during the years. From glycerin to liquid to tincture green soap – there are all sorts of choices to make. You can use it for personal care, cleaning the kitchen, or sterilization during tattooing. But, there is so much more to learn!

Today’s blog will show you a few interesting facts about soap!

  • The first time someone produced soap was around five thousand years ago in the Babylonian Empire. Excavations along with inscriptions shed some light the process. By boiling fats with plant ashes, the new material could remove stains and offer powerful cleaning properties for the skip. It could, however, be hazardous and pose health dangers.
  • Throughout its earliest years, people rarely used soap for personal care since it did pose health risks.
  • The creation of both soap and candle wax require tallow. In Great Britain, that was a problem. Producing too much of one of these products would result in shortages for the other. Candles were too valuable, so it’s obvious what happened next – heavy taxation on soap manufacturing.
  • The first pattern of liquid soap dates from 1865, in America, by William Sheppard.
  • In the 30s, soap manufacturers would often sponsor radio dramas. Eventually, over time, people began calling such shows as soap operas. That’s how this term came to be.
  • Soap was and still is dangerous. Unfortunately, hundreds of people suffer from soap accidents every year, in Great Britain alone.
  • A fun fact would be the infamous strategy of “Soapy” Smith, an American gangster. He would wrap bars of soap with a few banknotes and covering everything with simple paper. The, he would sell it at an inflated price to people on the street. Those who bought the soap would lose all their money in a single moment. Smith would often put real money without any soap, but hand it out to members of his gang who pretend to be normal by passers.
  • Port Sunlight is a village near Liverpool which used to house hundreds of factory workers for William Lever of the Lever Brothers Company. Thousands of tourists visit the place every year.

Cosco Soap

Cosco green soap, Tincture green soap

Cosco Soap is a leader in the soap manufacturing industry. Our products are perfect for personal hygiene, taking good care of the kitchen, doing the laundry, and more. We also help different industries by providing heavy-duty all-purpose cleaners, oil stain removers, car/truck wash, conveyor lubricants, natural adhesive removers, and others. Some of our most famous include Cosco Green Soap and Tincture Green Soap. Feel free to contact us or read other interesting blogs.

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Make the Right Choice: Custom Soap Manufacturing

Custom soap manufacturing at its finest

How do we achieve success? By combining excellent quality with affordable prices. We take custom soap manufacturing to a whole new level!

Cosco Soap is a company with a rich history and long-lasting traditions. Our products have been on the market for years. During that time, we have achieved great success by developing some of our finest soaps and detergents. Since 1966, we are always striving to provide our clients with the best services possible for both personal and large, industrial needs. Whether you have an interest in one of our products or want to develop a project, we would love to help you either way. Our company helps different hotels and restaurants by providing custom soaps with their own brand names. Unlike the mass, commercial soap industry, we pay great attention to details and ensure you will get exactly what you want.

We offer a wide range of products

Over the years, we have developed a large number of custom products. They are unique in comparison with the typical commercial soaps or detergents. A few notable examples would be:

  • Castile soap
  • Machine sanitizer
  • Powdered dry bleach
  • Dish detergents
  • Stainless steel cleaner
  • And much, much more!

You can view the full list here. We can offer you the best tincture of green soap on the market along with soap contract packaging.

custom soap manufacturing, soap fillers, soap filler, soap contract packagingCosco Green Soap

The tattooing and piercing industry owes us a great favor for this. It is one of our main products. It has a clean, fresh fragrance. The cleaning properties are like no other. The green soap cleans precisely and helps with maintaining a healthy skin. The absence of chemicals means it is eco-friendly, safe, and poses no health risks. If you suffer from allergies or itching, green soap might be the perfect solution. Green soap can also be useful for quickly and easily cleaning the entire house and leaving behind a delightful aroma.



The benefits of our products are many

The clients’ wellbeing is our number one priority. We design our products with that in mind. There are some serious benefits:

  • Our soaps are the best and safest option when it comes to personal health and hygiene
  • The products are biodegradable and cause no harm to the environment
  • We take skin care seriously. Our products will moisturize and help your skin recover from any damage. Even if your skin is sensitive, there should be little to no side effects.
  • The soaps are efficient cleansers because small quantities can go a long way
  • You will have access to a large variety of products to choose from
  • The prices are affordable for any budget

Make the right choice and pick Cosco Soap for your custom soap manufacturing needs.