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Custom Soap Manufacturing – Kettle Process

Soap is an essential product in our everyday lives. If we dissolve it in water, it will begin removing dirt and dust from the surface of our skin. Cleaning is not the only use. Soap can also cure some types of infections, heal the skin, dye hair, and much more. Production has developed over the years, and nowadays, we even use soap as a perfume. Our blog will focus on that. Soap Manufacturing is an old process still improving today. We will discuss a few different processes and their benefits. If you want to learn more interesting facts about soap manufacturing, check out our blog.

The materials must include two key ingredients:

  • An alkali such as sodium hydroxide, and potassium hydroxide
  • Fats from vegetables such as olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, and others. Centuries ago, producers were using animal fats instead

It is possible to add other, smaller ingredients in order to alter the color, scent, cleaning properties, and texture of the soap. Two great examples of natural and clean products include Cosco Green Soap and Tincture Green Soap.

Soap Manufacturing – Kettle Process

cosco green soap, soap manufacturing, tincture green soap

While every producer has something unique to add on the table, there are basically two methods of soap manufacturing: the Kettle and Continuous Process. Today, we will focus on the former.

Kettle Process. While some people do prefer it, it is somewhat unpredictable. Producers have to use different oils and that could make the process chaotic. The soap could be ready in a few as four days, but it is possible to wait as long as two weeks. By melting and boiling fats and alkali in a large kettle, manufacturers can produce thousands of pounds of hard mass. Other than the soap, they end up creating another byproduct – glycerin. You can read more about it here. To separate the soap and glycerin, some salt is essential. The chemical reaction will make the glycerin stand at the bottom of the kettle which is easy to extract. Some fats fail to turn into soap, so it is important to add a strong caustic solution and boil them again. It is not necessary to add salt one more time though that could prove useful in specific circumstances. As soon as that is ready, producers add water and boil everything. The result is simple – two separate layers will appear. The top one is mostly soap with some water, and that is the product we need. The bottom one is mostly water and dirt.

Cosco Soap is a true industry leader since 1966. When it comes to custom soap manufacturing, we can offer unique products for personal care, kitchen cleaning, laundry, and more. They include Cosco Green Soap, Tincture Green Soap, Castile Soap, Tattoo Soap, and others.