About Cosco Soap!

Founded in 1966, Cosco Soap has worked its way up the ranks and become a leading soap and detergent manufacturing company. Operating out of Ridgewood, New York, in a facility that is 40,000 square feet in size, the company caters to projects both big and small. Home to more than a dozen operation lines and blending tanks that range in size from 55 to 5,000 gallons, Cosco Soap has incredibly versatile production capabilities. To ensure adequate quality control and a steady product development, products are looked over and approved by the in-house laboratory staff that have been trained on what makes a good product and how to improve quality.

Thanks to the partnerships that Cosco Soap has formed with freight companies and the fleet of transport trucks that supports the company, Cosco Soap is able to reach out to customers on a national level and can maintain its reputation as one of the best Bronx soap manufacturers in the area.

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