The Process Of Soap Manufacturing and Packaging

Green soap is an environmentally safe, oil-based, and water soluble soap that’s used in tattoo studios. Unlike traditional soap, it is plant-based and very gentle on the skin.

Green soap is an all natural soap made of glycerine and pure vegetable oils. It is most recognized in the tattoo industry but can be used as an alternative to your favorite cleanser. Manufactured since ancient times, it shines above other products with its quality and amazing properties. There are strict standards regarding a soap filler used in green soap, so it’s recommended for people with very dry skin.

Long ago, the main ingredient for green soap was olive oil as it was considered blessed and sacred. Olive trees are still thriving and growing in Greece, thanks to the sunny weather in the country. Learning from ancient traditions that the raw material in the production of soap is oleaginous matter, they quickly realized the usefulness of the most abundant and widespread essence, which was olive oil. And this is how the first green soap was born.

But It’s Yellow, Not Green!

That’s true; since tincture green soap got its name from the green tint, it isn’t required to have the green color. The soap doesn’t contain any dyes and those greenish and yellow spots you see are from vegetable oils and glycerin used during the manufacturing process.

What Can You Use It For?

Green soap is loved by tattoo artists and it’s commonly used for everything from preparing the piercing or tattoo location to cleaning tattoo equipment. It gently removes tattoo ink, dirt, and blood. Green soap is non-corrosive, so tattoo artists often soak their equipment to loosen dried debris before they proceed to the sterilization phase.

Why Should I Use Green Soap?

Green soap has soothing, hydrating, and moisturizing effects on the skin. Thanks to natural oils that provide extra moisture, this soap isn’t irritating at all. Tattoo green soap doesn’t make the skin dry. Normal antibacterial soap can strip natural oils from the skin and make it very red and irritated, which isn’t suitable for piercing and tattooing since both activities are traumatic to the skin.

Of course, hemp soap and Neem products are natural as well, but these options are often more expensive and they are mixed with scents and other ingredients that irritate sensitive skin. Thanks to custom soap manufacturing, you get a product with soothing and moisturizing properties.

Green soap is an inexpensive, effective way to help keep your skin clean, improve piercing and tattoo healing, keeps your equipment clean, and makes wiping your tattoo clean very easy.

Usually found in squeeze bottles, green soap can be wrapped in plastic to avoid cross-contamination. Just a little note: if you’re using green soap for the first time, you should always read the label and instructions as it should be diluted before you use it on the skin. Once that’s done, you can reap its benefits.

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