Natural soaps, Cosco green soap, Soap manufacturing, Tincture green soap

Why are Organic and Natural Soaps so Important?

These days, many people prefer to purchase natural and organic cleaning products. The idea is simple – stick to the real thing, and ignore artificial materials, as they will likely harm us rather than help out with the cleaning. While the benefits could be many, what exactly are organic and natural soaps, and why are they so important?

Natural products have a simple explanation behind them – “there is no legal definition”. The term organic is complicated, as different government institutions are responsible for regulating it.

What do We Consider as Natural Soaps?

Natural soaps, Cosco green soap, Soap manufacturing, Tincture green soap

Natural products use their ingredients from nature itself. However, the term has no regulations. This means companies can put a “natural” label on all their products, even if that is far from the truth. Simply because someone says their soap is natural, doesn’t mean that’s the case.

If you insist on using natural products, always check the labels and decide for yourself. Make a list and research them online. That way, you will be able to guess whether something is 100 percent natural, or 95, or less. Then, you will need to put a line. How much do you want? Should everything be unprocessed or only the main ingredients? The labels are often confusing and that’s why you definitely need to check things through before making a final purchase on something important. A great example of a clean product would be Cosco Green Soap.

Here are some definitions of handmade soap manufacturing:

  • The main ingredients are fats and oils. They can add a refreshing scent and aroma to the product. Often they are coconut or olive oils.
  • Natural soap products also use lye and different detergents like sodium laureth
  • Colorants and fragrances make up no more than five percent of the soap’s weight.

What do We Consider as Organic Soaps?

Government institutions from around the world have their own interpretation. Often, it is something along the lines of:

  • 100 percent organic means everything other than water and salt is grown organically.
  • 95 percent means a small portion of the product is not organic, but still approved for use.
  • 70 percent or more means the product uses organic ingredients, but they are mixed with other chemicals.

In some countries, people treat products as organic, even if the organic content is as low as ten percent.

It is definitely better to go for organic and natural soaps, as they pose fewer health hazards, and help maintain personal hygiene. Being able to choose from a wide array of such products is a great feeling.

Cosco Green Soap is the Perfect Example

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