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More Amazing Facts About Bronx Soap

Two months ago, we made a blog by the name of “Interesting Facts About Soap”. However, it couldn’t cover everything from this long list. Here are some additional fun facts about Bronx Soap.

It is Impossible to Make Soap Without Lye

Soap is basically saponified oils which use lye such as sodium hydroxide. If a manufacturer ignores lye, their products will not be considered as real soap. It is possible to remove the lye from the final product. Any Bronx soap manufacturer can use a digital scale for that task.

Are All Soaps Real?

As weird as it sounds, most soaps on the market are fake. They resemble detergents. Upon use, they will remove all natural oils from the skin which has negative health effects. Real, natural oils do not do this. They clean and moisturize at the same time. Sadly, most products on the market resemble specific chemicals – the ones which are good enough to clean, but nothing else. Such products often use artificial ingredients which can cause health hazards and contain carcinogenic materials.

Cosco Soaps’ warewash chemicals are nothing like that. They offer cleaning strength without removing the typical health benefits.

Bronx soap manufacturer, Bronx soap, Warewash chemicals

More Awesome Short Facts

  • Soap isn’t a common product only for homes, hotels, or restaurants. The textile industry uses it for different tasks as well
  • Soap turns insoluble objects such as bacteria or dirt to become soluble. The water removes them in no time
  • The word soap originates from the Latin word “Sapo”. It is a mountain close to Rome.
  • Mass production of soap began centuries ago. Around the year 1475 in France, and as early as 1200 across the Middle East
  • In the past, soap wasn’t popular as a cleaning material, but as something to heal dry skin. Another use was to dye hair. Cosco’s Green Soap is the perfect example. As the best Bronx soap, it can improve the user’s health and clean small bacteria and dirt with ease
  • The most expensive soap in the world comes from Lebanon. A Qatari family business infuses the soap with gold and diamond powder; making it affordable to only the richest people in the country
  • A German chemist by the name of Justus von Liebig stated the use of soap is can accurately measure the wealth and development of any civilization. Apparently, the purer the soap, the stronger the country will be!
  • It is hard to calculate precisely, as many businesses work in the gray sector, but agencies speculate the world production of soap could be as high as 10 billion lb. every year. What’s more interesting is the USA creates and uses around one-third of that


Cosco Soap is the Best Bronx Soap Manufacturer

Cosco Soap has been an industry leader since 1966. We can offer you the best Bronx soap at affordable prices. Our products include the amazing Cosco Green Soap, Tincture Green Soap, Castile Soap, Warewash Chemicals, Laundry Detergents, and more. If you have any questions, contact us here, and we will answer as soon as we can. Browse around our amazing blog if you want to learn more fun facts about cleaning materials or industry news.