Interesting Facts About Soap, soap manufacturing

Interesting Facts About Soap

Soap has gone a long way during the years. From glycerin to liquid to tincture green soap – there are all sorts of choices to make. You can use it for personal care, cleaning the kitchen, or sterilization during tattooing. But, there is so much more to learn!

Today’s blog will show you a few interesting facts about soap!

  • The first time someone produced soap was around five thousand years ago in the Babylonian Empire. Excavations along with inscriptions shed some light the process. By boiling fats with plant ashes, the new material could remove stains and offer powerful cleaning properties for the skip. It could, however, be hazardous and pose health dangers.
  • Throughout its earliest years, people rarely used soap for personal care since it did pose health risks.
  • The creation of both soap and candle wax require tallow. In Great Britain, that was a problem. Producing too much of one of these products would result in shortages for the other. Candles were too valuable, so it’s obvious what happened next – heavy taxation on soap manufacturing.
  • The first pattern of liquid soap dates from 1865, in America, by William Sheppard.
  • In the 30s, soap manufacturers would often sponsor radio dramas. Eventually, over time, people began calling such shows as soap operas. That’s how this term came to be.
  • Soap was and still is dangerous. Unfortunately, hundreds of people suffer from soap accidents every year, in Great Britain alone.
  • A fun fact would be the infamous strategy of “Soapy” Smith, an American gangster. He would wrap bars of soap with a few banknotes and covering everything with simple paper. The, he would sell it at an inflated price to people on the street. Those who bought the soap would lose all their money in a single moment. Smith would often put real money without any soap, but hand it out to members of his gang who pretend to be normal by passers.
  • Port Sunlight is a village near Liverpool which used to house hundreds of factory workers for William Lever of the Lever Brothers Company. Thousands of tourists visit the place every year.

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