The Pros and Cons of Two Popular Soap Manufacturing Processes

In the past decade, custom soap manufacturing has been on the rise. Many people prefer handmade soap and know which questions to ask the manufacturers. People are rediscovering the advantages of making soap at home or at least checking the ingredients used by the promotional soap manufacturers. Let’s talk about two popular soap making methods […]

Cosco Soap – The Most Trusted Company in the Soap Industry

Cosco Soap is one of the oldest companies in soap manufacturing for both personal and industrial use. We have been the pioneer in soap business since 1966. Our range of products includes personal cleaning, kitchen cleaning, laundry products, food service industry cleaners, industrial cleaners and lubricants, house care products, marine and automotive cleaners and some […]

cosco green soap

Why choose Cosco Soap?

With over 50 years experience as a contract packager in the chemical industry, we have experienced and overcame countless obstacles that have led to increased manufacturing capabilities. Whether you are interested in Personal Care Products, Industrial Cleaners, Soaps for the HI&I market or any other specialty product development – we can handle it for you. The team […]