3 Common Varieties of Custom Soap Manufacturing

Handmade, custom made, or handcrafted; whatever may be the name, it refers to those soaps which are manufactured in small quantities by means of traditional procedures. They are made from organic sources and seasonal plant-derivatives. One typical attribute of such soaps is that they have an elevated glycerin content. This chemical is a transparent colored […]

Advantages of Custom-Made Soaps Over Commercial Soaps

The soaps people typically buy from stores; packaged as natural grooming products; contain loads of chemical hardeners, synthetic perfumes, and lather producing agents. While the term organic is stringently regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA, the word natural does not have a standard or legal definition. As the commercial soap manufacturers […]

Why Choose Custom Soap Manufacturing?

When it comes to choosing a quality soap brand, most of us usually end up buying a product based on the impressive packaging. Majority of the soaps that we see stacked up in supermarkets happen to be commercial brands. And unfortunately, almost all commercial soap brands are produced using artificial lathering agents, synthetic hardeners, and […]

Five Key Characteristics of the Best Soaps

As the largest external organ of our bodies, the epidermis or the skin weathers the maximum wear and tear, shielding the internal organs. The skin is exposed to the damaging UV rays, and takes a beating from everyday pollution. So, taking care of the integument on a regular basis is extremely essential. One of the […]

How to Use Green soap?

Soap is an item that people use on a regular basis. There is a wide variety of soaps available in the market, each claiming to be better than others and consisting of properties that are beneficial for the consumers. However, it is a common observation that most soaps contain high amounts of chemicals that actually […]

Things to Keep in Mind About Green Tattoo Soap

There is a wide variety of soap available in the market. All soap manufacturing companies claim to use natural components that are beneficial for the skin. However, they use chemicals that are injurious and harm the surface rather than being helpful, in reality. Soap being an article of daily use has more potential of causing […]

Benefits of Using Green soap

The market has been flooded with new varieties of soap produced to keep up with the diverse preferences of the consumers. The custom soap manufacturing enterprises keep re-innovating methods of production to provide customers with a wider range of options than those that are already available. One of the most remarkable products in the field […]

Basic facts about custom soap manufacturing & Green Soap

Soap is one of the most common articles of daily use that is available in different shapes and compositions. They may be used for bathing, dishwashing or cleaning clothes. Over the years there have been many custom soap manufacturing companies that have evolved new and innovative methods to produce soaps and allowed consumers to choose […]

To Lye or Not To Lye: The Truth About Soap Manufacturing

When talking about handmade soap or custom soap manufacturing, people often wonder whether natural and green soap contain lye. If you believe that soap should contain only organic ingredients, you are in for a disappointment. There is no soap without lye. Yes, lye is far from being organic but it’s a compulsory component of a […]

The Process Of Soap Manufacturing and Packaging

Green soap is an environmentally safe, oil-based, and water soluble soap that’s used in tattoo studios. Unlike traditional soap, it is plant-based and very gentle on the skin. Green soap is an all natural soap made of glycerine and pure vegetable oils. It is most recognized in the tattoo industry but can be used as […]