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The Importance of Tattoo Green Soap

Green soap is an important tool in the arsenal of any professional tattoo artist. The product finds use both before and after the procedure. Unlike commercial soaps, you can’t get green tattoo soap at any regular store – only a small number of specific companies such as Cosco Soap can offer it along with other […]

custom soap manufacturing, soap fillers, soap filler, soap contract packaging

Make the Right Choice: Custom Soap Manufacturing

Custom soap manufacturing at its finest How do we achieve success? By combining excellent quality with affordable prices. We take custom soap manufacturing to a whole new level! Cosco Soap is a company with a rich history and long-lasting traditions. Our products have been on the market for years. During that time, we have achieved […]

custom soap manufacturing, soap fillers, soap filler, soap contract packaging

The Importance of Soap Fillers

Fillers are important substances which we can add to different products such as soaps, cosmetics, liquid laundry detergents, or others. The goal is simple – to change and improve specific properties. Soap fillers can add great value to our products. However, you will not discover any of them here unless they are an essential ingredient. […]

Cosco Glycerin Soap Manufacturing

Cosco Glycerin Soap Manufacturing

Cosco’s All-Natural Soap Manufacturing Process More people have heard the word Glycerin, either in food or hygienic products. If you are using Cosco soaps, then you are using glycerin soaps. Glycerin is one of the primary ingredients in handcrafted soap manufacturing process. But what is glycerin? Before venturing further into glycerin soap manufacturing, you’ll need […]

Custom Soap Manufacturing: Natural Grease Removal

Custom Soap Manufacturing Process To Remove Grease

Custom Soap Manufacturing: Remove Grease Off Your Cooking Wares Today’s generation has brought out more food-loving individuals. The food service industry is thriving as evident in the emergence of more restaurants and food stalls around the city. One of the many challenges restaurant owners face is removal of grease from cooking wares and utensils. In […]

Handcrafted Soaps: Stretch the Lifespan of That Bar


Saving Tips For Your Handcrafted Soaps Natural handcrafted soaps cost more than chemical-riddled commercial soaps. After all, natural ingredients are harder to produce than synthetic components. However, more and more people are turning to safer handcrafted soaps than saving a couple of bucks only to experience long-term harmful effects of commercial soaps. So now that […]

Custom-Made Soaps: The Best and Safest Choice

Cosco Custom-Made Soap

Ever wonder if commercial soaps really remove 99.9% of germs and moisturize your skin as what they advertise? If you experience differently, then chances are, you are not using real soap. It’s time for you to switch to natural custom-made soaps. But how are commercial soaps different from handcrafted soaps? Both commercial and custom-made soaps […]

Custom Soap Manufacturing: A Worldwide Trend


Custom Soap Manufacturing Soap plays a vital role in our daily hygiene. But with the increase in health issues relating to toxic chemicals found in commercial soaps, many people are starting to turn to custom soap manufacturing to counter the problem. The original concept of custom soap manufacturing is to take back the process of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Soap Fillers

Soap filler is a substance that is usually infused in a body soap or detergent in order to tweak its physical attribute so as to make it effective for a specific application. For instance, sodium dodecyl sulfate and ammonium lauryl are two of the most widely used foaming agents in detergents and laundry soaps that […]

Tincture of Green Soap and Custom Soap Manufacturing

A significant proportion of those who use soaps regularly during bathing may be in the dark about tincture of green soap or simply green soap. So, chances are that you may not have any idea of what a tincture of green soap simply because this type of soap is mainly used commercially and on a […]